A world where robots make healthy, sustainable and fresh food accessible 
for everyone at an affordable price.

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Our robotic kitchens take over the daily cooking so you can focus on serving your customers better. Furthermore, you can amplify your business by offering popular food brands via one click.


Personalised cookbook with your signature dishes and food concepts in one place.

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Enhanced food portfolio with AI based recommendations for your unique recipe book.

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Scalable food concepts with high quality food in our virtual brand licensing platform.

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Business Intelligence

All information involving your gastronomy business right at your fingertips. Track your profit margins on each sold dish and discover opportunities to make your business even more profitable.


Data-driven solution with extensive insights on your procurement, cooking and logistics processes, as well as your customer’s buying behavior to ensure long-term success and sustainability for your business.

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Easily adaptable product selling prices in response to supplier price increase.

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Transparent information on price components and ingredients sustainability to build a strong and loyal customer base.

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Streamlined procurement processes with system alerts, when your stock is running low, and automatically generated purchase orders for a smooth restocking.

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Run a kitchen which produces over 3000 dishes a day with up to 80% less labor costs. Access and manage all relevant areas from one platform for a more streamlined operations playbook.

Robotic Kitchen Operation

Pay & Deliver

Constant food quality independent of the delivery system with rider management.

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Resourceful allocation of team efforts according to the needs of your daily operations.

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Versatile solution tailored to meet the specific needs of any hospitality industry from restaurants to catering companies. Whether you're managing a franchise or a large hotel chain, our platform can help create new dishes and customize workflows.

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Whether you are a professional working in the food service industry who wants to build a robot powered restaurant or create a food concept for our machine, or a tech provider with the interest to connect your software solution to our platform, we are always happy to have a chat with you!