Storage Module

Your robotic kitchen is a versatile solution for efficient food preparation that offers up to 72 different base ingredients and sauces in a single robot configuration.

Ingredient reloads are seamless and take just seconds using standard GN containers, without any downtime.

The software automatically stores relevant data for HACCP protocols, ensuring that your food preparation meets the highest safety standards.

Cooking station

Consistency is key in the culinary world, and our fixed cooking process and precise scales ensure that every dish we serve is of the highest quality. The robotic kitchen guarantees that your favourite meals will always taste just as you remember them.

Up to 8 Meals

in parallel

Up to 3000 Meals

per day

Topping Module

The Topping module enables autonomous garnishing of meals with up to 24 different ingredients, including seeds, coriander, parsley, and sauces.

The module can be utilized for plating bowls, making it a versatile addition to your food preparation process.

Serving Module

Versatile bowl options include up to 4 different types, for both to-go & eat-in formats with single-use or multi-purpose options available to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can choose to add your own finishing touches to meals by having the dish passed to you in a pot, providing flexibility in your food preparation process.

Output Station

The ultimate kitchen pass solution, complete with label printers to ensure each finished dish is labeled correctly.

With the ability to monitor upcoming orders, storage status, and other relevant information within seconds, our robotic system streamlines your food preparation process.

Easily see all relevant system statuses and control the robot with just a few clicks using our state-of-the-art robotic system.

Cleaning Module

The cutting-edge technology enables 24/7 operations by automating the cleaning of pots and other cookware used by the robot, streamlining your food preparation process and increasing efficiency. Additionally, you can clean any other cooking ware during downtime, ensuring your kitchen is always running at peak performance.

Standard Configuration

Storage Module with 48 Storage Slots
Cooking Module with 8 cooking zones
Topping Module with 24 Storage Slots
Output & Serving Module for Plating
Integrated Dish washer
Integrated Air Filter System

Footprint: 12.5 m2


No Coding, Just Cooking

No Coding, Just Cooking

Business Model

Robot Chef Icon
Kitchen as a Service

Eliminate a high initial investment with our flexible monthly fee, which provides you a fully functional kitchen without straining your budget.

Customization icon
Fully Customized

Tailored to your unique needs, food concept and expected revenue, our robotic modules will be delivered in a custom configuration so you can optimize your operations.

Subscription icon
Subscribe to famous food brands

Our versatile platform offers a diverse range of subscription options, including popular, established food brands, to meet the needs of any culinary operation.

Cost Icon
Price Efficiency

Pay only for what you actually produced with our fixed fee for each dish and ensure predictability and stability in your expenses. No waste, no hassle.


The robotic kitchen assistant by Goodbytz

Lower Operation Costs

The robotic kitchen operates 24/7, providing a capacity of up to 3,000 dishes per day with minimal staffing requirements.

No Pain, More Gain

The integrated scale coupled with powerful software tools, helps you cut costs and minimise food waste while producing high-quality dishes.

Automated Consistency

Easily maintain consistent quality across all your restaurant locations by seamlessly updating recipes with a single click.

Pristine Production

Eliminate the risk of food contamination with the robot's precise and meticulous approach to food production, ensuring safe and stable handling of all ingredients.


The robotic kitchen assistant by Goodbytz


Up to 3000 dishes per day.

Labor Cost

Decrease your labor costs by up to 80%.

Order Accuracy

100% of orders will be performed to the highest quality. Your robotic kitchen never makes a mistake.


Just standard electricity and water connection required.

No Air Exhaust needed

Our integrated air purification system enables you to use our robotic kitchen without an extra air exhaustion system.


Between 6 m2 and 15 m2 based on the chosen configuration.


Our modules fit through every conventional door frame and are mobile on wheels.


Our robotic kitchen can be installed and setup in your location within several hours.