We envision a world where everybody has access to healthy, fresh and sustainable food at an affordable price.

The whole Goodbytz Team at the Internorga 2023
Goodbytz providing fresh, healthy and sustainable food

Our Take on the Food Landscape

The Future of Food

Unhealthy convenience food has become a daily standard, causing adverse effects on our health and environment. Consumers are now demanding more sustainable and healthier food options, but the availability and high prices remain a barrier.

Recent trends in plant-based diets, vertical farming, and fermentation show the growing interest in healthier and eco-friendly food choices. Despite this, the restaurant industry has yet to undergo the necessary changes to meet the demand, while being under severe pressure from labor shortage.

Our Impact

High Quality Food - Everywhere, All The Time

At GoodBytz, we bring high-quality food concepts to scale with ease and prioritize hygiene in professional kitchens. We help streamline and enhance existing gastronomy operations to make the chef's job more creative and productive.

We live by our slogan:

We prioritise sustainability by reducing power consumption and food waste in our robotic kitchens. We also work closely with other restaurants operating our robotic kitchens to expand the availability of their food concepts, making it easy for everyone to offer healthy, flavourful, and eco-friendly food options.

Robot food with fresh, healthy and sustainable ingredients cooked by a robotic kitchen


Come Hungry

At GoodBytz, we prioritize recognizing and nurturing the distinct talents and passions of each team members. We believe that giving our team the freedom to take full ownership of their projects is essential to our overall success. Simultaneously, we remain devoted to providing steadfast support and guidance to guarantee continual growth.

Go Bananas

We value inclusivity and believe that innovation can come from anyone, regardless of their role or rank. Every team member is encouraged to share their ideas on any relevant topic, fostering a collaborative environment that prioritizes creativity and growth over hierarchy.

Break Bread

Transparency is key to our success. We empower our team members with context to make informed decisions. We prioritize mutual support, learning, and growth. Our environment fosters collaboration and progress towards shared goals.

Savor the Moment

We cherish every day together as we are continuously surrounded by a group of outstanding innovators. Together, we enjoy constructing the bold and daring future of gastronomy.


August 2021


Through extensive interviews with restaurant owners, we discovered that the industry was suffering from a severe labor shortage and in desperate need of a solution. Therefore a group of hungry engineers embarked on a mission to revolutionize the food service industry with cutting-edge automation solutions.

The team of Goodbytz working on the prototype of the robotic kitchen

October 2021

First Prototype

Thanks to the generous support of IFB Hamburg, at GoodBytz we were able to design and debut our very first prototype of a robotic kitchen in a mere three months' time. The sheer excellence of our flagship dish, the savory penne all’arrabbiata, quickly turned heads among potential clients and VC firms, who were eager to explore collaborative opportunities.

Goodbytz engineer working
Goodbytz employees doing mechanical work
The team of Goodbytz working on the prototype of the robotic kitchen


An engineer at Goodbytz working on hardwareA mechanical engineer working at GoodbytzA chef cooking at Goodbytz and developing the recipes for the robotic kitchen
Goodbytz engineers eating food

Unique Team

Even though at GoodBytz we can say 'I am hungry' in 12 different languages, we are united by the passion of tech, automation and innovation.

Engaging Culture

When it comes to GoodBytz, the company culture is built around the core values of innovation, excellence, collaboration, and inclusivity.

At GoodBytz we foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where team members are encouraged to share ideas, take ownership of their work, and continuously learn and grow.

Food Meets Tech

At GoodBytz, we believe that understanding and respecting both robotics and culinary worlds is key to achieving our mission of revolutionizing the way we cook and eat. We're proud to have a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals who bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table, and we're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of robotic kitchen technology.